Dilara Csillik was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has relatives in Kazakhstan, studied in Moscow, married a Hungarian and then came to live in Hungary. She feels at home here and is convinced that Hungarians and Uyghurs are related from way back in history and therefore she has come home as a relative. She has also served our country as a diplomat and now she is devoted to her passion; leading the Hungarian Asian Society.

What is your mission, why did you take up this position?
– I was born and grew up in Asia, but I am now a Hungarian citizen. In fact, I have also represented Hungary, as a diplomat, as my own home country. That is why it has always been most important for me to convey the message to as many people as possible that Asia is not far from Hungary either in spirit or attitude. In Hungary many still regard Asia as just a source of cheap, mass-produced goods. However, we would much rather show our culture, traditions and thinking, which have existed for thousands of years. We intend to bring to Hungary an authentic culture that calls to Hungarian hearts from the depths of the millennia and show what Asia is like in reality.


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