In Russia today demand is increasing for premium products and therefore many Russian companies have decided to break into the exclusive goods market. Here we have collected a few Russian luxury items that can compete with western premium products.

Volzhenka Caviar
Caviar is one of the most famous delicacies of Russian gastronomy; a true luxury delicacy, the value of which competes with the price of gold. Today, however, caviar has become a very rare item which is difficult to source, due to the overfishing of the Sevruga (starry sturgeon) which provides the roe. The Volzhenka family business deserves special attention as, while producing their caviar, they focus not only on quality but also endeavour to maintain sustainability. The business, established in Astrakhan, breeds Sevruga in natural conditions by the river Volga; using 11 metre deep tanks to provide the best surroundings for the fish to develop and natural nutrients taken from natural waters. Once the valuable caviar has been extracted, the fish are released, thus insuring the survival of the Sevruga stock in the wild.


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