The Kazakh capital city is very busy with preparations. Astana Expo, expected to be attended by more than one hundred countries and millions of visitors, will open its gates on 10th June. The topic of the world expo was not chosen accidentally: the energy of the future is an important key to the Kazakh economic miracle.
The Dubai Office of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre opened in 2015 and has already assisted a number of Hungarian companies with their entry into the local markets. However, this Dubai Office is different from the other HTCC offices opened earlier, because it also functions as a bridge and a gateway to more distant markets like Africa.
Agriculture, food industry, plastic and motor industry. These are the fields of definite co-operation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hungary. Péter Szijjártó briefed us after the first Hungarian-Iranian Joint Committee meeting.
The Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre (HTCC) has opened a new office in Florida, one of the most important states in the US, as an addition to its network of 13 offices around the world. The HTCC in Florida assists Hungarian companies to enter the market and to expand in the USA through close cooperation with, and the engagement of, local partner organizations and experts. The Parties involved signed the agreements and contracts in November.

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