The Kazakh capital city is very busy with preparations. Astana Expo, expected to be attended by more than one hundred countries and millions of visitors, will open its gates on 10th June. The topic of the world expo was not chosen accidentally: the energy of the future is an important key to the Kazakh economic miracle.

World Famous Kazakh Stability
The five central Asian, post-Soviet, states, which gained independence in 1991, inherited the territory drawn by the previous regime and slightly undeveloped national identities; after all, more than a 100 ethnic groups and 17 religions live together in this area. After Moscow had set these countries free politically and economically, they all began to build stability on their own. Kazakhstan has been the most successful so far; as is acknowledged internationally, by all. Primarily owing to the huge mineral reserves of the country, Kazakhstan’s GDP has grown by 16 times since 1991; with which the country has become one of the world’s top 50 economies. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, more than USD 200 billion worth of foreign investments have been made in Kazakhstan. In the course of its foreign policy endeavours, Astana has managed to build good relations with the United States of America, the European Union, Russia and China.


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