We found Dr Batbayar Zeneemyadar, extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of Mongolia at a surprising location: in a small town in northern Hungary, Szikszo. What was even more surprising was the ease with which the Ambassador of a country thousands of kilometres away moves in this environment. There is a two-pronged answer to that! The Mongolian diplomat speaks excellent Hungarian, with practically no accent and he also feels that there is a psychological relationship between the two nations which stems from history and is the basis of our good relations.

Let me ask you first how you managed to learn Hungarian so well?
– My relationship with Hungary began a long time ago. I attended the legal faculty of ELTE University between 1993 and 1999. During the six years spent at the university I had to learn Hungarian intensively because Hungarian law could only be studied in Hungarian. It is also true that the same knowledge can also be used abroad. The final result, that I learned Hungarian so well, was not my own achievement but that of the university, of my teachers and of the Hungarians; after all, they taught me! Later I went back to Mongolia to work but I never cut my ties with my friends in Hungary. I returned in June 2016 as an Ambassador and managed to revive my old relationships; which helped me in my work as Ambassador. I managed to use the old friendships to serve both countries. It also helped me build not only friendly and political but also actual and robust economic relations between the two countries. That must be emphasised because political and high level relations have been maintained intensively between Hungary and Mongolia for a long time but unfortunately economic relations have not developed as we would have liked. The political intent was not enough, it also required direct personal relations. This is what we are building now. 200 Mongolian students will attend universities in Hungary each year from 2017, studying in Hungarian and in English, which will also helpful. This will build the foundation required for the extensive development of economic relations. Economic development will be the next step. If joint ventures are created, they must be able to operate in a legislative environment in which they can develop: tax relief and loans. I believe that the legislation is now in place in both countries.


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