In Russia today demand is increasing for premium products and therefore many Russian companies have decided to break into the exclusive goods market. Here we have collected a few Russian luxury items that can compete with western premium products.
Cohiba Behike is a really special cigar which is the top product of the El Laguito cigar factory. It was named after a Native American chief whom Christopher Columbus also met on his journey of discovery to the New World. The Behike cigar is made from the leaves of the highest-quality tobacco, Medio Tiempo. These leaves are extremely rare; in the best scenario only one leaf of this quality develops on every fifth tobacco plant. The leaves are collected by hand and are carefully dried to produce the cigar’s special, uniquely rich flavour and character. Approximately 4,000 of these
Classic, pure everlasting design. This is the best description of Brunello Cucinelli briefcases, which are carefully designed and made of excellent-quality leather. Price start at $1,500. The Italian designer is not only famous for producing luxury goods. He is one of the few company founders and managers who really appreciate their employees. Cucinelli commits 20% of his profits to charitable causes. Buy online magazine on DigitalStand

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