What do you need to know if you wish to build relations in Russia? How different is the business culture in Russia from that in Europe and how much has it changed since Soviet times? We asked Andrej Kiss, executive director of Infoguide Kft., whose main profile is business consultancy.
You will lose nothing but can gain a lot if you do not only feel but also express your esteem and respect towards your potential or actual business partners. We understand more or less about how it is done in Europe. What happens, though, if you have to do the same in a country where the culture is totally different? That country may both be cosmopolitan and conservative, such the United Arab Emirates. Here are a few habits to bear in mind.
The oil-rich United Arab Emirates spends billions of US dollars on diversifying its economy. With their focus on the coming, post-oil times, they are developing industry, infrastructure and tourism. They also intend to attract tourists not only with their present, but also with their past and their future. While the future and technology may be captured better in Dubai, it is history and culture that are the main attractions of Abu Dhabi. Here is a cultural portrait of the Emirates.
Hungarian businessmen visiting the states of the Persian Gulf can easily lose a promising deal due to a wrongly composed sentence, a handshake or even inadequate clothing, therefore, those visiting the region for the first time should prepare themselves in customary local business manners and culture. Follow our advice and you will find it easier to operate in this extremely different environment and build business relations more quickly and easily.

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