The clear increase in the role of continents and large regional power zones in the global economy and global politics is one of the key aspects of the new multi-polar age of today. Geostrategic thinking and the establishment of power zones in larger regions are becoming more important to the major powers and large emerging markets than before. “Empire thinking” has returned into the geopolitical endeavours of the great powers as their main component. How will the “Pax Americana”, i.e., “the US Empire” be structured spatially in the 21st Century? What role is envisaged for the Central and Eastern
Central Europe, including Hungary, is not a traditional or natural party to plans for the resolution of Near-east conflicts, having no colonial history or major communities in the region, apart from the few hundred thousand Hungarian and Polish speaking Jewish community in Israel; and they have no significant Muslim Arab communities in Hungary either. Today, though, with the geopolitical changes, it seems that we too are to be counted on.

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